True Life story it took Mark and I several weekends to get this shot at Bryant Park. From not realizing park hours (yes I didn’t know this lol) or the complications of parking to busy schedules. It was finally almost a dream when it all came together, I know some may not understand. When you have a location for your look and it works out there are lots of “hallelujahs”. Well at least for me I can say lol. Don’t you just love those moments when everything comes together oh so perfectly or fit perfectly right in place?

For me it was a accessory that made that moment come together. One thing I am trying to be better at is to accessories my looks more. I am not a serial jewelry wearer and my idea of wearing a purse is finding outfits that have pockets but I am learning to incorporate more variety in my look as far as accessories go. The one item that I am a huge lover of is Belts. I swear I have ton that I try to use more often then not. Even when the look doesn’t require a belt, I still try my best to incorporate it.



A couple of weeks ago I purchased this stunning Club Monaco dress (linked below), I knew from the time I walked into the store I was immediately in love. From the vibrant colors to the easy silhouette and of course the cute bow tie back. I knew it would be the perfect addition to my ever growing Fall floral obsession but it was missing something. My mind went immediately to that famous saying by SJP (roger that) a Sex and the City behind the scenes moment, where SJP herself found that perfect accessory that she asked to put with all her looks during the movie. I seriously kid you not I saw it in her interview about the movie, she called her faved accessory Roger.

That perfect match started with a Belt it was the missing piece to bring my look together. I had the perfect Roger that piece that at first I was skeptical about and really didn’t think would go together but once I put it on. Like they say it was the perfect match. This Banana Republic burgundy belt really helped to finish off the look. I really love how it breaks up the look rather then just all dress. Not that this dress needs to be broken up but breaking up the look gives a added advantage a nice cinched waist. Girls I know you love to show off those curves.

Belts for me are always my perfect match accessory piece and they have a multitude of advantages which is why they are so great. Don’t want to drown in that oversized sweater, belt it. Want to show off those curves, belt it. Dress has a little to much volume and you don’t want to look like a sack, belt it. Need to break up your top and bottom, belt it. That cardigan skirt combo is feeling to drab, belt it.


The options to add that perfect belt accessory are endless. Whether it is a belt, scarf, handbag, piece of jewelry or even a fun pair sunglasses. We all have those perfect match pieces that we love to gravitate towards when perfecting off our look. So how are you adding your perfect match accessory to your look?


Loves I hope everyone has a wonderful day and don’t worry coffee is key : )


Thanks so much for following or just reading along the journey


Floral dress by Club Monaco also (love & love), Boots are from last season but found similar from H&M again (here & love these). Belt is from Banana Republic or (love & love). My sunglasses are old but love (these & these) and bracelet is from Ann Taylor.






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