Happy Friday loves, I have to admit I am currently writing this post right before I have to post it and while this isn’t how I usually do my posts. I had a slight breakdown after knowing I forgot to ask my husband to fix my photos and of course light room was having its own issue with me being so last minute. But I can say that now all that is behind and now it’s a new hour and it all worked out (thank goodness). I am sure many of you know my pain and have had these experiences to so I just needed to share but enough about me LOL its Friday Favorites YAY.

That crisp Fall air is finally starting to roll in (ok maybe after this weekend) and with the changing of the seasons we all know comes those beautiful colors. Fall of course comes with a bucket list of my tried and true favorites from red to of course burgundy but at the moment it’s all about Burnt Orange. Which today is my Friday Favorite currently at the moment. I can say that orange in any form or sense was definitely not my color. We all have our colors that we love and gravitate towards every season and of course we do try new ones to get out of our comfort zones. I can truly admit that orange was just not that one for me, it just wasn’t my match. Well this girl has come full circle and accepted this beautiful Burnt Orange color with open arms.

While it wasn’t always my first choice when going shopping in-stores or online or even as a kid I can recall barely ever wearing this color. Orange and me, just hadn’t found our connection yet but when I went it Zara and saw this bright beauty, I knew the connection was made LOL. I know sounds so corny but it’s so true I just did a 160 on how I originally felt about orange for my whole life. I mean how could you not smile wearing this color and let’s just say you will stand out amongst a large crowd.

It just exudes happiness and for me pure confidence since it is such a bold color to wear. There are so many reasons to love this color.

1. Happiness & Confidence – like I mentioned before it is such a mood booster I feel, I mean who can be upset is such a fun color. I can also say my confidence level in this baby through the roof since its so bold. Two amazing feelings in one.

2. It’ the color of the season.

3. You can wear this color casually or dressed up

4. Need to gradually get into Burnt Orange no problem, I hear it’s also the nail color of the season

So have you started shopping yet? What are your thoughts on this fabulous color?


So have any of you changed your minds yet or are you still contemplating this color? I say put it in the cart go for it and try it out and if it’s not meant to be you can always return it. No pressure LOL. Burnt orange being such a fun color I am sure you won’t regret it.

So how is everyone liking Friday Favorites? Is there content that you would like to see? Let me know and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to receive posts.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend


Thank you so much for following or just reading along loves


Zara Sweater I found similar versions (here & here), Skirt is also from Zara also (love & love), Heels are old from Banana Republic last season (similar here & here), Sunnis are also from last season but similar (here & here)





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