Happy Monday loves, as I sit here writing this post I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. This weekend definitely feels like one of the longest weekends. Mostly due to the fact that Mark & I woke up both Saturday & Sunday super early to shoot. I swear every time we shoot we encounter some kind of mishap, whether it be parking or a street being closed for construction which yes unavoidable it surely puts a wrench in the plan. So because of this we had to shoot both days this weekend which we usually avoid doing since we wake up super early during week.

It makes for a good laugh and some quick thinking but I am definitely a person that sometimes can’t think quick on my feet and can get super discouraged (especially so early in the morning). Luckily, I have a very supportive husband who definitely knows how to take my hi’s & low’s and go with the flow much better than me sometimes. Which makes for shooting a lot easier and I can’t thank him enough for that and keeping me calm and grounded.

So today on A Styled Love Affair, I am sharing my tips and tricks on how I get ready for shoot days (even with the unavoidable mishaps)

1. Inspiration

Before a shoot week, I try to think about what is currently inspiring me. Whether it be the season or currently what’s in trend. I work off this to help plan out my outfits as well as give me inspiration as to what I might want to write about for my posts. Great place for finding inspiration for styling or outfit posts is Pinterest, I get so much of my inspiration from here. My latest inspiration has been velvet, which was my biggest inspiration for this look today. I can’t seem to get enough of the crushed velvet trend for Fall, season after season I scout out the latest in beautiful velvet pieces and this Zara dress was my total inspiration for this shoot.

2. Plan Ahead

Since Mark & I shoot one day a week out of the weekend it is great to plan ahead especially the day and weather. I am a crazy weather checker which usually dictates when we will shoot during the weekend and whether it will be early or later in the day. We usually try to shoot after the sunrises because it is the best light to shoot in and the streets are so quiet but again this sometimes does not workout which is why it is great to plan ahead.

3. Get those Outfits ready

 I usually try to plan out my outfits or looks a few days before, I know most times this doesn’t work out (especially when your waiting for that last piece to get delivered lol). This is the best piece of advice I can give you to get ready for your day. Really makes the day go that much smoother when your bag is neat and ready for a day of shooting. Trust me I use to be that person who would try to put it all together in the morning, well 9 times out of 10 that never worked out very well. I usually try to place my outfit away in my bag by order to keep me even more organized. Now planning out your outfits you have to also remember your accessories as well which can be timely to from jewelry to purses and even picking out shoes can take a few tries. When getting your outfit ready make sure to also think about what your looking to achieve or write about with each outfit, it may not come to you right away but its a good way to understand what you want to give your readers.

4. Time to Try On

To my next point from getting those outfits ready, is to try on every outfit before you go to shoot. I have had many mishaps when I didn’t try them before hand and hated or thought to myself what was I thinking putting this together. So it is always in your best interest and sanity to try everything on the night or two before. I usually do a mini-fashion show for Mark which helps to give me opinions or help when something isn’t working out. This has truly saved me a lot of time an extra space in my bag since I am not packing a million things I don’t need. This even helps me to see what works or doesn’t work and even to be true what bra I need lol. I know that might sound weird but it is so true, those little things get worked out when you try on before you shoot. Doing this I know I won’t have anxiety and makes for a easier and smoother shoot for Mark and I. To be honest allows me to get more looks in since all my looks are prepared and ready. When preparing for my look on today’s post, I knew that I wanted to allow my dress to Pop which is why I kept my accessories very neutral to allow this beauty to do all the talking.

5.  Location, Location, Location

This I did learn the hard way when I first started out blogging trying to jump from place to place (meaning midtown to all the way downtown) which definitely doesn’t work out and caused a lot of stress on both Mark and I. While we still have to do this from time to time when a location does work out even with research. It really is in your best interest to try to keep your shoot to one location (at most two if they are nearby). In my planning during the week I try to stick to one place and if I am not able to scoop out the location ahead of time, I usually will pinterest or even google image my location that I am thinking of for my looks. In today’s look, I new I wanted a street look but not to much hustle and bustle (and even in heels I love a great cobblestone). I knew that Soho would be my perfect back drop to shoot this crushed velvet dress. A street style chic that really brought the whole look together. Tip: If you are able to walk around your location ahead of time TAKE NOTES. Take photos of the location with a street address attached if possible and send it to your phone or email to keep track.

6. Organize your Camera bag

 Mark brought up this point while I was writing this post today and this was actually a great point to bring up. There have been many times when we have forgot to charge the camera or put the memory card back into the camera. Which can cause for a shoot to be over very quickly. So we have learned quite quickly to make this a top priority when getting ready for shoot day. We check the camera to make sure all is working, memory card is clear, batteries are charged and everything is packed. Thankfully Mark handles organizing all of this, which allows me to get everything else together and ready.

7. Don’t forget the small stuff

Have you ever gotten to a shoot and realized on no I forgot my blush or I need cream for my legs but I didn’t even think to pack that. Yep, I have been there where I have my whole look together and notice my lipstick has worn off and I need to reapply and don’t have anything. Not that the shoot is over but still those little things really help to finish off the look. What’s in my other bag, 1. Make up to touch up my face in between looks especially lipstick if I want to change up my look 2. Make up wipes to help take off that lipstick so it doesn’t look smeared, 3. Lotion, to keep your skin nice a glowing & 4. Water, hydrate, hydrate this helps to make your skin look fresh and radiant during your shoot.

8. Get a good nights sleep

Before any shoot I think a good thing to keep in mind is to make sure to be well rested especially if you know you have to get up as early as we do. I mean no one wants to have bags under their eyes or be dragging themselves while shooting. So make sure to get those eight hours if you can.


My best piece of advice above and beyond everything else is to HAVE FUN. There are times when I have my mini freak outs or get discouraged because something does not work out whether it be my outfit, I forget something for my look or the weather or location changes. In the end we will have these obstacles especially in the city and east coast. In the end you will get that great shot and maybe something even better then what you had planned for but you should always just have fun, breath and smile. This will definitely go a long way and you will have a great photoshoot (both you and your photographer)


At the end of the day getting ready for any photoshoot can be time consuming and take work but in the end should be fun. There are times when things don’t work out which is inevitable but with the hiccups sometimes comes the best creations. Keep it simple, keep it as organized as possible in certain areas and everything else will just come together.


Loves I hope you liked today’s post are there any tricks and tips you do to get ready for a photoshoot? Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to receive posts directly to your email or also check out my Instagram page to see what new post I will be publishing during the week.


Thank you so much for following or just reading along.


ZARA Velvet Dress – (similar here & here)

Banana Republic booties – old – (Love & Love)

Sunglasses – old (similar here & here)

ZARA Handbag – (similar)







  1. Lisa

    The dress and accessories are perfect together! The backdrop works so well here, great job! I’m always curious how fashion bloggers shoot their outfit photos – do they generally research clothing items to purchase, order, and then shoot for the blog? I guess it depends really on how invested you are, as I can only imagine how pricey it must get to order items to shoot for the blog regularly. Either way, interesting content here!


    1. Nicole Post author

      hi sweetie, the items I purchase are items I usually keep and are things that I love and would wear. I regularly go online to check out new things since I like to keep my content fresh but again I do rewear a lot each season. Again each blogger is different as to how the purchase or receive their clothing so I can’t speak for all. So glad you love the content very much appreciate it.


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