A Styled Love Affair and Nicole are back and oh have I missed you all so much. I know that it has been a long time since my last post (well almost three months since my last post to be exact). Yes, it is true I have not posted on my platform but yet have kept up on my posting on Instagram & other social platforms, which I know many would say or even ask “WHY”? If you can be creative on those platforms why can’t you be creative and write on this platform? Which seems so simple to do many would say but in all honesty it can be very hard. I am not sure if anyone else has felt this way but in talking with my hubby, close friends and even blogger friends over the last few weeks, I was completely honest on how I was feeling. For the longest time I even thought to myself just sit down and write already, this is what you love to do why aren’t you doing it? In the end it really just came down to losing my creative flow that I had for so long.  I was pushing myself so hard and really striving to give my readers and followers something every week (3x a week) and after time I started to get frustrated with my direction and my blog. I felt as if I couldn’t think of ideas or even be creative with what I was posting to my readers. I almost started to get bored with myself and my blog and where it was going. On top of all this anxiety the stress of my full-time job which literally was taking all my energy, I just lost my happiness in my blog.

When talking with so many people, they totally understood my struggle of losing that creative flow especially when trying to maintain a blog. I know that it has only been two years and many have been blogging for so long and they don’t just let their dream slip away no matter what but and I respect these bloggers so much and have such admiration for them and what they do. For me I needed to step away and really think about everything from a far and what I really wanted for myself and my blog and for the future of A Styled Love Affair. It was so funny because the other day while speaking with a close friend, she said at least you can say you have a job that at least pays the bills. Which yes I am totally thankful for but this just really struck me so hard and I just thought to myself and even said it out loud, I don’t want that to be my saying for the rest of my life. This was truly a wake up call for me to really get my focus back and go back to my dream and my happy place, which in the end is this. My creative platform that allows me to be myself and give a piece of my life and love of what I have such a passion for with my readers.

This isn’t something that is just a playful part-time activity but a real full-time job that takes time and love to make it grow AND creativity. It’s not just about pretty pictures but allowing yourself to be open and honest with your readers. This is my honesty right now and showing that it takes a lot more then just posting photos and talking about outfits. Being creative can be hard especially with a industry so saturated with everyone doing the exact same things and reaching for the exact same goals. There were many times in which I would compare what I would do with others and wondering why am I not getting the same reactions or responses and this was such a big distraction as well as something that contributed to me losing confidence in myself as well as my blog. Just like in life we are always going to have obstacles but how and what are we going to do to overcome those obstacles. This is my obstacle and I am choosing to overcome it and get back on the horse and get back to what I love.

As we all know blogging can have its ups and downs and when you take three steps forward sometimes you fall or get pushed down and have to start over again. This was my fall and now its time to bring myself back up again and while I can’t say it will be easy, I am going to push forward.

Simple Steps to Keeping yourself creative:

1. Be Organized.

My biggest fault was not keeping a notebook with me and writing down my thoughts or when a fun idea comes to mind. This is the best way to keep organized. As well keeping a calendar to plan out your posts.

2. Go Online.

A great way to keep yourself creative is to go online and check out what is going on from fashion, beauty, books, activities or even cooking ideas. There are so many websites to help with this. Maybe will give you a great way to try something new you haven’t from a fun trend or new blog idea.

3.  Try to work outside of your normal comfort zone.

I know many can say as bloggers we work full-time at home but living in a loft style apt where I am not really alone at all or have space of complete solitude. My new goal is to try and get out and build new creative spaces that can help me expand my mind.

4. Be prepared.

As many of you might not know or haven’t read before I can be a huge procrastinator. This isn’t always the best when you are trying to write a post and its down to the wire and your eyes are so heavy your not sure what you have been writing for the last few hours lol. So my new goal is to try to get more prepared ahead of time rather than last minute. Now I know that I will have last minute posts and working late nights but getting ahead of the game can truly help.

5. Have experiences

My new goal that I have been trying to do is make more experiences at least twice a month. I have started to put calendar events on mine and my husbands calendars with fun ideas. This is fun way to spark up new ideas and different content for the blog.

6. Meet with other like-minded individuals

Another great way is to get together with your blogger besties or other bloggers who you can bounce ideas off of. Maybe even working on a post together. We love what we do why not help each other out : )


Loves it feels so good to be back, this platform of mine means so much to me. While I got off knocked off for a little while, in the end I think it was something that I needed to really get my priorities back in place. We are all human and sometimes and I know many of times everyone has gone through what I have gone through and in the end it’s ok. I am so glad to be back and back to what makes me so happy.

Are there any ideas or posts that you would like to see or have me write about, I would love to hear.


Thank you so much for following along on my journey or just stopping by to read


Have a lovely day


Zara Top (Love & Love)

Banana Republic Heels – old (Love & Love)

Banana Republic Sunglasses – old – (Love & Love)

Levi’s Wedgie Fit – (Love)

Zara Purse – old – (Love & Love)





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