Happy First Day of Summer loves, I seriously can’t believe that we are already into the Summer months (I mean trust me I am not complaining at all) but I swear where is the time going. If your a nor’easter like I am many will agree while the summer heat can be brutal we lust for it between the months of December (even as early as November) through June. All those months of bundling and figuring out how many layers will be needed for the day is finally over. No more navigating through the many piles of snow banks or trying to stay warm inside because the winter wind is to brutal to be outside. Now is our time to let go, get out and enjoy all that summer heat (and humidity – I have curly hair so I know all about it lol.) and finally enjoy the summer ahead. Which is why today on A Styled Love Affair not only are we celebrating the first official day of Summer but I am also listing my favorite things that I love about the summer months.

With Summer finally here there is always a change in the air, especially in the city. Its as if the city comes even more alive then it already is. Everyone has a extra pep in their steps and with a extra touch of happy which is always nice. I mean could you blame us its been a long winter and we are finally excited to be outside and get some Vitamin D which many like myself are deficient in in the city. Summer while yes it can have it’s downsides of crazy steamy heat and high humidity there is just nothing better than getting to sit outside and enjoy the crisp beautiful evenings and being able to get out of work while the sun is still up. Being a Summer baby myself I absolute crave it like a kid craves cake and I am so excited for another summer season.

So Why Do I L-O-V-E Summer So Much?

This list could go on forever

  1. Warmer Days & Nights

There is nothing better than being able to walk out of the door without loads of layers and coverups that take about 10-15 minutes to put on. I love getting to enjoy dinners outside with Mark & friends its the absolute best especially wine or sangria in hand for a nice cool down.

2. Longer Days & Nights

Other than warmer day’s & nights there is also the niceness of knowing the sun does not go down before you get out of work. This means getting to enjoy your days with friends or loved ones that much longer.

3. Cute Dresses & so much more

During the Summer months I feel like not do I have a pep in my step and I feel more happy and alive. I also feel like my wardrobe feels it too. Brighter colors & more happier prints its my time to really shine and bring out the bold. Case in point this Mara Hoffman one shoulder beauty. Give me all the colors of the rainbow and I am one happy lady. This dress exudes all the happiness I am feeling about summer and it is the perfect dress to debut for the First day of Summer. Literally when I got it I was the happiest ever and you can totally tell by today’s post. Summer I love to be able to play it simple yes but love when I get to bring out the fun.

4. Open Toed Shoes

Another favorite besides all the fun wardrobe pieces is definitely being able to finally show off that pedicure that has been hiding all season long. Its so much fun getting to show off that favorite summer

5. Ice Cream

Ever since I was a child and before I even like pastries and sweets, ice cream was my ultimate sweet tooth go too. What better treat even when its melting is better than ice cream cone on a hot day. It is the essence and ultimate need of summer months (maybe not everyday of course lol) BUT ice cream is all about summer. My favorite go to is Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles (extra sprinkles). This would be my summer staple all the time growing up and visiting the local ice cream shop and it just brings back so many fun memories. So go grab one today.

6. Outdoor Activities

In writing this post I asked my husband Mark what was his favorite Summer activity and he said Outdoor Activities which I had outdoor drinking lol. They go hand in hand right? I love a great day outdoors either frolicking around the city or just having a day in the park. Or if not that we love a great day at the pier having a few sangria’s and enjoying the summer sun.

7. Barbeques

Give me a grilled hamburger and I am one happy lady. I love a great burger in the summer especially right off the grill. This says a good weekend when a barbeque is involved.

8. Picnic in the Park

This for me and Mark has become a yearly tradition since we moved in together a few years back. We have definitely gotten better with planning and bringing more than just a bottle of wine and crackers but I just love getting to do this together every year. We definitely have a lot of fun with it and its great for people watching

9. The Beach

This is the apitomy of summer which most can agree, no summer can go unfinished without a great beach day. When the day is done on the beach its time for a fun cruise on the bike and getting all the junk food in sight. This makes for a great beach day. And a nice tan doesn’t hurt either.

10. Long Weekend getaways

While I love a long weekend getaway anytime of year, I love it even more in the summer. Windows down and hair blowing & the radio blasting, it is the absolute best. Being from the North East I love a summer getaway and it feels so much more enjoyable because again no layers, cuter outfits and longer days.

There are so many reasons that I love Summer and I am so glad that this season is back in town because I am going to take full advantage. Loves what are your favorite reasons for loving Spring?

I hope everyone enjoys this first day of Summer

Thank you so much for following or just reading along


Mara Hoffman Dress – (similar here & here – great option under $100)

Banana Republic heels – old – (love & love)

Anthropologie Sunnies – (love & love)

Cult Gaia Bag – (love & love)





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