Happy Monday loves, hope everyone had a lovely weekend today on A Styled Love Affair its all about how to travel light while still keeping it cute and chic. Back in the day I was that girl who literally traveled with one bag for clothes and one bag for shoes, which before baggage fees & weight limits was limitless for me which I loved (but I know there will be a day again when I do have to bust the big bag out again lol). Nowadays though, I am all about going the carryon bag route because to be honest I want to get off that plane as quick as possible and be beach or poolside with a drink in hand as soon as possible. I know many of you do agree with this I can imagine.

Though downsizing from a large suitcase to a much smaller one comes the dilemma of how am I packing all these shoes and clothes in three quarters of the space of what I originally had? This at first was not a easy task but I knew it was one I needed to conquer especially if its for a long weekend trip. There really is no need to pack my entire closet knowing I won’t wear half of it (and that has happened so many times). Yes, while options are good there are ways to pack light (meaning not your whole closet) for your trip and still look cute. My go to piece or pieces to traveling light and get me through my days while away are a great Two Piece Set.

I can’t tell you how much or how far a great Two Piece set or Co ord Set can go especially when you want to travel light. You have one outfit ready that you don’t have to put that much thought or add a additional piece too. It’s all ready for you to put on and go and hey if you like it so much you can wear it again on your trip by mix matching these pieces with other separates.  Perfect win win to traveling light and still looking chic.

This two piece Miguelina set was the perfect go to when traveling on my recent trip to Cartagena. It was super light and was perfect to allow me to travel light and still look cute and chic. The outfit alone was perfect that it didn’t need anything additional to be added which helped me to keep my luggage super light. This look got utilized a lot while on vacation, One day while sitting by the pool I used the skirt as a cover up and one night I changed it up by adding a cute off the shoulder neutral top and heels and it was perfect for a night out on the town. See I was able to utilize this set three different ways while on vacation. This definitely made for easy packing.

Two piece set is perfect because it one takes the thinking out of the outfit especially while packing you have a day outfit all ready for a days excursions. Two it helps keep the over packing down.


Travel style for any girl can be a challenge I know because we want to look cute and pack every piece in your closet. As I get older and my style as well as my travel style evolve I have learned that less is definitely more whether it is short or long travels. That is why for the Two piece set is the perfect travel style to keep my both my bag light and me looking cute all at the same time.


Loves thank you so much for following or just reading along


Hope everyone has a lovely day


Miguelina Polka dot top & Miguelina Polka dot skirt -fun co-ord sets (love, love, love, love, love, love & lovelove & lovelove)

Anthropologie Sunnies

Cult Gaia Bag – (love & love)





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