Happy Wednesday loves, no I have to say that it was definitely super tough to get me to sit still or even start writing this post with this beautiful weather in the city. The next few days are going to be a Spring well basically Summer dream. It is so fun to walk outside and see the sun still shining and people enjoying the beautiful weather, it definitely gives me that extra pep in my step.Today on A Styled Love Affair, it’s all about why I am loving everything dresses from one of my favorite brands ASOS. As you can tell (here (striped dress & here  or this adorable floral dress I wore in Palm Springs here, I have a real affinity for dresses from ASOS. Casual or dressed up, I can’t seem to hide that I love a great dress from ASOS.

Don’t get me wrong I love a great dress when I see one no matter the brand but ASOS has such a plethora of options that it’s hard to say you can’t just find one that you don’t want to add to your shopping cart.

Why I am loving all things dresses from ASOS?

1. Versatility
The great thing about ASOS is the sheer vastness of options that it has to offer to all its customers. Need a certain size they have it from Petite, Curvy & Regular sizing even Tall. Have a certain length or style in mind it’s there from long, short, midi, A-line, Peplum hem to pleated, floral, stripe prints. I have to say the list a variety on their site for dress shopping is endless (hence 20+ pages of endless). This is so great especially when you are looking for something specific to your liking which is why I love it so much. Looking for a Date night dress for that upcoming night on the town with your significant other options galore. Looking to keep it casual in the park with friends and a picnic, you will probably have a basket full at checkout for sure. The versatility of dresses is endless at ASOS which is amazing.

2. Dress at all costs

Another great attribute about ASOS is the cost offerings, from budget friendly styles that are still chic and in style to higher end for little extra to spend. I love this because you can still find something affordable within your budget without breaking the bank if you know that you are only going to wear the dress for one occasion. The range of cost is very vast from over $250+ to under $25 which is amazing and you can find all sorts of styles and looks to match what your budget range is.

3. Brands

ASOS is such a huge brand in itself and has so many offerings of dresses within its own brand which is amazing but I also love that they include other brands outside of ASOS. From Free People to Love and Lemons, if those popular dresses are selling out you can be sure to find them on ASOS. I have been able to go onto ASOS and type in a brand and have that item I have been eyeing from another site pop up and able to order. I like that they keep that variety of other brands other than their own on their website.

4. Easy to navigate

The site I have to say is very user friendly, I was helping out a friend just last week when she saw a dress a fellow blogger was wearing from ASOS. We were able to type in the details a voila there it was (she ordered it on the spot lol). I love this feature when I am looking for a particular dress style or color, their easy side bar choices plus the search tool make it so easy to find what you need.  Whatever your need these tools will definitely help you to find them.

Today’s dress from ASOS I am having a field day over this crochet beauty, It was definitely love at first site not only for the multi-colored crochet but also the tie back (I love a great back detail). The scalloped detail at both the v-neck top and hem are such a cute touch to perfect this dress just that much more. This is why I am loving everything dresses from ASOS not just right now but for the long run.

The love affair for dresses from ASOS is real people and if you haven’t checked out their site or navigated the vast array of dresses online I hope that my tips have convinced you otherwise. Unless you are currently on the site now and have already started adding to that basket then my job is done : )

Loves I hope everyone has a wonderful day, you all deserve it

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