Happy Monday loves, I hope you all had a lovely weekend not much on the calendar in this neck of the woods but it was nice to finally clean up this house and get started on Birthday shopping for the hubs (lots of surprises on the outlook for that and can’t wait to share this week). Today on A Styled Love Affair, I am sharing why the color Yellow is the trendiest color of the season and why and how to style it.

The color yellow has surely made an impact on the fashion scene this season, once a color overlooked has been having quiet a major moment. Yellow is most definitely not a demure color, when committing to Yellow you are either all in or not in at all. I absolutely adore this color so much, it is more than just a color in my book it is pure happiness in a bottle. I mean how could you not be super happy wearing this beautiful color.

Why Do I Absolutely Need This Color?

1. Yellow is the color of the moment. From top, skirts, dresses and even accessories it seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing this bright beauty everywhere.

2.  Happiness in a bottle. Anytime that I wear or see this color it brings so much happiness and confidence in me. Wearing such a bright color such as Yellow can be quiet overwhelming but it helps bring such a smile to me every time. With this color comes as you know confidence since it is so bright and bold and can be a lot but if you can rock this you can rock anything.

How to Style the color Yellow

1. Let the color do the talking. As we all know the Color yellow is a very bright color and really can do all the talking for our outfit. It is one of those colors that will not need to much to stand out on its own. To continue to let this color stand out pair your look with neutral colors, this is best when you are still getting comfortable with the boldness of the color. I have done this today with both my purse and heels (both neutral beige colors). This keeps your look very simple and chic.

2. Forget the neutrals and go for bold color pairings. Now for the more adventurous let’s go right for those primary colors to pair with your look. Primary colors (Yellow, Red & Blue) other than your neutral colors are the only colors that can’t be created by mixing any other colors together. Primary colors though help really bring out that bold Yellow color and still mix well together. There are plenty of ways to add these fun colors into your wardrobe, maybe a bold pop of a red lip or a fun red heel. Like a more Blue hue add a fun bright blue scarf or grab that fun blue bag. These colors really help to bring out that bright Yellow color so much more.

3. Dress, Skirt, Top or Heels. Yellow comes in every type of wardrobe piece, for me today I choose this lovely Kate Spade Yellow dress to style for today’s post. If it is a skirt you choose and a bold fun top maybe a cute floral red OTS or a Neutral top and bold accessory. Keeping it simple with a fun Yellow top or Yellow heels, add your favorite pair of jeans and you are shining bright for the day.

4. Mix in Prints. A fun way to keep bringing out that bold Yellow color and to really add some fun into your look add a fun bold print. Whether floral, striped or checked this can really add more dimension to your look. Great way to do this is by either a fun scarf or that fun new bag are perfect ways to bring in fun bold print.

5. Just a POP of Yellow. Yellow is a very bright color and for some might be a little to much bold then they are ready for. I don’t want you to be deterred from this beautiful color because there are many fun ways to add this color into your outfit. Accessories are always the best place to add your colors that you are to shy to bring out fully in one garment. A great pair of pom pom earrings or a side body bag. These are perfect ways to slowly add this trendy color into your wardrobe.

Loves Happy Monday, so are we going to go for the bold and try out the trendiest color of the season? I am 100% positive you will not regret or not fall in love with the color Yellow.

Loves have a great day, thank you so much for following or just reading along

Kate Spade Dress – (love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love & love)

Banana Republic Heels – old (similar here & here)

Sunnies – old – (love & love)

Cult Gaia Bag – (love & love)




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