Happy Friday loves, we made it through another week and I couldn’t be happier. Who else is with me? Today on A Styled Love Affair I am changing it up a bit for today’s post and sharing of course my outfit of the day which is this fab new white denim skirt but also Five Fun Facts about me Nicole the blogger behind A Styled Love Affair. As I do love sharing my how to tips so you can look and feel your best and my outfits of the day, I also want to connect with you gals & guys on a personal level too. With blogging we get so bogged down with just presenting ourselves as the “Blogger” but not as ourselves behind the blogger as well. So once a month I will be sharing some fun facts about me, to connect with you guys better. I totally ask that you ask questions that you want to know about me too : )

First things first OOTD. How I love this outfit of the day more than I love a great Friday. Denim in any form for me is a great staple piece to have whether it is your jacket, top, bottom or accessory. It is one of those pieces that won’t ever go out of style. With the changes of the season I love to add fun new denim pieces into my wardrobe. This JCREW (linked below) frayed white denim skirt has got to be my ultimate favorite.  Perfect for a casual day around town to run errands or a laid back brunch with the gals. The fray edge has to be my favorite part of the skirt because it gives it that extra fun added touch to break it up from the same old denim skirt. I went for a more casual look with a pop of fun from my Rebecca Minkoff fringe lace up sandals (also linked below). I kept my pieces on the more neutral side with bits of pop from my sweater tank to my denim jacket to break up the look.

Five Fun Facts About Me:

1. I am 100% Chilean

Most people think when they see me I am either Italian or Greek but the fact is true I am 100% Chilean. While my Spanish is not so great I do try my best but I can definitely understand it very well so beware lol.

2. Curly Hair is all mine

Many have asked and yes it is true I give it to my parents but yes the curly hair is completely real and not a perm. I have to say between all five children I am the only one with these curls in my family. While when I was younger I had a struggle to figure out how to maintain this main as I got older I have found my ways to keep the curly hair struggle game intact as best I can (on hotter days its a little more of a struggle). I have grown to love my hair and embrace it as my stand out piece.

3. I am 33

While the number may change in a about another month and a half, 33 is my number. While this year has had its ups and downs it truly has been a great year for me.

4. Pizza all day everyday

Ask my husband any day of the week what I would want to eat and my top choice will always be pizza lol. I can’t get enough of a good slice of pizza and I could seriously have it everyday all day without feeling bad about it. The obsession is real.

5. I am very shy

As many might think being a blogger you must have so much self confidence and while blogging has taught me to come out of my shell, I am still a very shy person in general. I can say in more smaller crowds I am better at bringing out myself but in bigger crowds can make me crawl back into my shell. I am definitely trying to work on this trait and bring out the self confidence more. I do love to sit back and observe to really understand what is going on behind me so the shyness has it’s good points.

Loves I hope that you enjoyed today’s post and getting to know me just  a little bit better today. Tell me what you would like to know more about, I would love to share with you all.

I hope everyone has a lovely day today and a Happy Cinco De Mayo.

Thank you so much for following or just reading along.

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H&M Denim jacket – (love & love)

Jcrew White Denim Skirt – (love & love)

Aritzia Top – (love)

Rebecca Minkoff Sandals – (love & love)






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