Hello Loves, Happy Friday to everyone here we are and we have conquered another week WOOHOO with that comes another great post as well. Today on A Styled Love Affair, I am sharing some tips on how to play up your casual weekend style from frumpy to fabulous. Weekends in general we all know are everyone’s favorite part of the week, a good two days to unwind relax and enjoy time with your gals, family and especially your significant other (mine being the amazing guy behind the camera all the time lol).

Weekends like I said are the best so why shouldn’t you look and feel your best too right? Now I am not saying grab your ball gown and head over to the farmer’s market but weekends should also be a great time to still be casual but have fun while doing it. Weekends are the best way to express your style if you are not able to do that during the week. So let’s go ahead and rock this next weekend to come with some fun tips to bring out that fun casual weekend style.

1. Change up that Tee to a Fun Top

When it comes to the weekends we all know that we want to be the least bit bothered and when running out for a errand we grab usually the first thing we see or we just grab our favorite tee and sneaks and head out the door.

Instead of grabbing that same old t-shirt that we are so accustomed to pick, grab a fun top that you have been dying to wear that is still casual and comfortable. This one shoulder top from Club Monaco is perfect for this, both casual and comfortable and with the added bow shoulder just makes it so much fun. So whether it is a one shoulder, off the shoulder, printed top or flowly top put it on. It will definitely bring out a different side in your mood and day.

2. Toss aside those tights

Ladies toss those tights, they are only for that morning run or morning gym session. Again yes I know that when it comes to the weekends we want to be our most comfortable and we gravitate towards that but with the weather getting so nice we need to bring out that fun playful style again and tights does not make the cut.

If I am not in a dress on the weekends you can for sure find me in a fun playful skirt or cute jeans (yes even in the warmer months). I have to say my passion for jeans has grown so much and with all these fun playful looks lately it is the perfect opportunity to bring in to vamp up that weekend look. Like I have done with these adorable playful release hem jeans from The Loft. They are both casual and fun and can I say it COMFORTABLE and better yet they take a second to put on too. They are great for errands around town or going to the farmer’s market to pick up flowers. The bring casual style out in a fun way, so that you can toss those tights to the side.

Others Ways to Vamp Up your Bottoms

1. Add a Skirt – either solid or printed

2. Add a pop of color to your jeans

3. Go for embroidery on your jeans

3. Pops of Color

What better way to top off your look or to bring out the playfulness is a great pop of color. This is the perfect way to either bring or add some fun to your look, now I know that weekends again are for casual and to be laid back and comfortable. With this one simple step and change I know that you will definitely feel a change in your mood for the day. I know it has for me : )

The possibilities for this are completely endless to be honest, from top to bottom there are so many pieces you can show off that pop of color. Whether you want to keep in more laid back and simple as I have done with my Jcrew lace block heels or take it to the limit and add head to two color do it. I do have to say though less can be more. Pops of color does not mean you have to put them into every piece, it can be spread out through out your look as well.

Ways to do this:

1. Accessories: Perfect opportunity to bring that color into your wardrobe from fun earrings to your favorite rings.

2. Bag: Another favorite is to add that bag you have been dying to wear but can’t figure out when. Add that fun color into the day.

3. Shoes: Like I have done, a fun pop of color to bring your look together. Whether flats, sandals or heels.

4. Glasses. The glasses craze you can find a slew of color and this is great if you don’t want to be to out there with your other accessories.

5. Nail Polish. For those who want to keep it even simpler this is perfect. And you will always have that pop wherever you go.

4. Keep It Simple

My rule through and through for any weekend look is to always keep it simple. The weekend as I keep saying should be casual and fun and not to overdone but make sure you are not over doing it with your pieces. I have worn a simple outfit with all my rules in one that still work well together and are able to be interchangeable. If you have a flowy top pair with a tighter bottom to level out the look    Or adding that pop of color keep it simple by adding just one at most two to not overtake the whole look. Always remember to be try to you first and foremost and keep your personal touch in your look with a added touch of sass. Let the weekend be fun and bring out that personal style you have been dying to release all week.

So who is ready to throw out that basic tee and gym tights for some fun weekend style revamp? Weekends are our time to have fun and relax while allowing ourselves to show our own personal style which is why I love weekends.

Loves I hope you all have a lovely weekend, thank you so much for following or just reading along

Club Monaco Top – (love, love & love)

Loft Jeans sold out similar here – (love & love)

Sunnies – old – (similar here & here)

Jcrew Lace Up Heels – sold out – (love & love)




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