Happy Monday Loves, today on A Styled Love Affair we are talking about this beautiful Rebecca Minkoff Blue Lace beauty that I recently purchased from here latest Spring collection. Did you get to see her fashion show live from The Grove in LA? I thought it was such a fun idea showing off her new pieces for the collection outside in front of adoring fans. I watched the live feed from my computer as well as all the fun posts on Instagram and wanted every piece in the collection. Fun cool girl style that looked refreshing and easy to wear pieces for any occasion.

Typically baby blue is not a color that I usually gravitate towards when I am shopping for something new to add to my wardrobe but this Lace Blue Dress just stuck out to me when I saw it walking down the runway. I love the lace insert cut out details as well the amazing cut out back (that was probably my favorite part). The cut out back is a little daring and most my feel a little to exposed but you can add a jacket on top as I have done and for sure will make you feel super comfortable.

When I received this Blue Lace dress in the mail it was either going to be hit or miss for me (like I said not a huge baby blue fan) well ladies and gents it was a HUGE HIT in my book. I couldn’t wait to put it on and get it out of the box. This dress in person does far more justice then you would think, seeing the details in person was a lot better than trying to make them out online or during the runway show. I assure you that any piece you purchase from this Spring collection you will not be disappointed at all.

This is going to definitely be my go to piece for the next couple of months, dinner, brunch, or a day at the park. This Lace Blue Beauty is going to see a lot of repeat offending in the months to come and I am not upset by that at all.

Loves I hope you do check out the collection it is definitely to good to pass up and currently there are a lot of amazing pieces now on sale which is great.

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Rebecca Minkoff Dress – (love & love)

Sam Edelman Heels

H&M Jean Jacket – (love & love)





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