Palm Springs – Travel Guide

Happy Monday loves, last weekend the hubs and I were in Palm Springs, California celebrating our 2 year anniversary and can I say after this long winter here on the East Coast it was much needed for the both of us. The Palm Springs sunshine was the needed Vitamin D we were missing and we made sure to take full advantage. While in the planning process we had thrown out a million ideas of places to go and while on the hunt for some reason Palm Springs kept popping up (whether on tv, or Instagram or from my favorite blogger) and I knew that this would be where we should go for our anniversary. This was our first trip to Palm Springs for the both of us and I was super happy with our choice. This beautiful city has so much history with a touch of fun modern chic which I absolutely loved.

While most may think this is just a retirement community with not much to do, well ladies and gents you are so wrong. Whether its going out for a bike ride or brunching at the cute local hot spot, there are vast amount of things to do while in Palm Springs to fill up a long weekend schedule.

Where to Stay:

1. Parker Palm Springs – This is where we stayed for our long weekend in Palm Springs and can I say OMG adorable. I swear every little corner had something super adorable to check out from beautiful vast gardens, secret doorways, hammocks, pool, & bike rental. The décor here is a clash of 70’s chic with a touch of modern. From the adorable Banana statue seen below to the Lemonade stand pictured on the blog today. This place is uber chic and I 100% recommend especially if you want a quiet local.

2. Ace Hotel – Another fun boutique hotel with a cool vintage feel

3. L’Horizon Resort & Spa – unfortuntately was not able to visit but I have heard it is beautiful and super relaxing location to stay

Where to Eat:

1. Norma’s – This is hot spot is located at the Parker where we stayed and I can understand why this is a much to try. From the cute décor to the amazing Crunchy French Toast which me and the hubs shared. The food and atmosphere are both delicious and super cute.

2. Cheeky’s – Another local Brunch hot spot around downtown and for the hour wait that we had it was definitely worth waiting for. The Egg & Sausage skillet and banana pancakes are a must try you will not regret it.

3. Workshop – We went here for dinner and the atmosphere alone I thought I was back in NYC

4. Melvyn’s – a old school classic that has been around for years and the is the perfect dinner spot for that old school 50’s feel.

Things to do:

1. Relax. If we weren’t checking out the local places to eat we were hanging by the pool and taking in that beautiful West Coast sun. While the temps were not sky rocketing just yet relaxing by the pool was the thing to do and if you are visiting the Parker for the day or staying at the hotel make sure to get yourself one of the Lemonade stand signature drinks.

2. Discover downtown. There are so many fun local shops and cute stores to browse through. I had a lot of fun going into the Art stores and vintage furniture stores.

3. Go for a bike ride. Most hotels in Palm Springs have a bike rental at the hotel which is great and we were lucky enough that the Parker had this amenity as well. We took the bikes out for the day and headed to the infamous Pink Door (see on my Instagram) and rode around town. It was a little shaky at first I have not been on a bike in a very long time but we definitely got the hang of it after a little while. It was a super fun way to laugh together and check out Palm Springs

4. Tramway. We did this on our last day and it was amazing. A 8500 foot tramway that takes you to the top San Jacinto State Park. This was certainly breathtaking the views we were able to see and so refreshing. We definitely got our steps in on this little adventure. I would definitely recommend for those adventurers.

5. Joshua Tree. About a 20-30 minute drive from Palm Springs. Unfortunately we were not able to visit it this time but I hear its so beautiful to see.

My adventures around the Parker were made super easy with this adorable White Chino Anthropologie jumpsuit. It is the easiest piece to have fun around town and still feel comfortable. From the front bow tie or you can make it a back bow tie and pockets its my perfect jumpsuit with all my favorite extras. I brought out my fun new Pom Pom tote (all linked below) and it is the perfect piece for this trip.

So have I convinced you to want to book that next trip to Palm Springs? Hopefully I have or at least peeked your interest because its a definitely must visit if you haven’t already. A super easy place to getaway too and get that much needed Vitamin D and relaxation all in one weekend. I can definitely see myself and Mark re-visiting Palm Springs again in the near future.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and amazing day. Thank you so much for following or just reading along.

Anthropologie Jumpsuit – (love & love)

RayBan Sunglasses (love & love)

Sam Edelman Bag (love & love)

Banana Republic heels – old (similar here & here)




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