Hello loves, I am currently on the couch staring out the window watching this crazy snowstorm called Stella unfold. Now don’t get me wrong I love a great day at home but when Spring is less than a week away and this is happening. I would rather pass on the snow day to be honest. So I am going to ignore what is happening outside and think about the positive weather to come. With better weather on the horizon (hopefully near horizon), it gives me the chance to play up my wardrobe with some fun silhouettes. That’s why today on A Styled Love Affair, I am sharing one of my favorite skirt silhouettes, The Paper Bag Waist skirt.

Now I know what your thinking, “Why would I want to wear a paper bag waist skirt that does not sound like it will make me feel chic or flattering in anyway shape or form.” Trust me this will not make you look unflattering at all, in fact the Paper bag waist style is actually much more flattering than you would expect. This belted style helps to cinch and accentuate those curves to give a nice hour glass shape and now what girl doesn’t love that?

There a few basic rules to styling a Paper bag waist skirt

Styling Tips:

1. Keep it fitted on top. Since there is a little extra fabric around the waist on this type of silhouette, pairing with a fitted top is best. Adding additional billowy fabrics or oversized sweaters will lose the cinch waist affect. So a fitted crop top or fitted top is best to style this silhouette.

2. Tuck in your top. As I have said we want to accentuate the waist so tucking your top into the skirt helps to achieve this even more.

3. Always use a belt. As many styles of paper bag skirts come with a self fabric tie, I don’t suggest removing it and if it isn’t your favorite I would say grab another belt to go with your look. This helps to cinch in the waist to give that hour glass look.

Outfit Ideas

1. Add your favorite button down. You can style your look how I have with your favorite button down top. I paired my Jcrew Paper Bag skirt with my favorite chambray top for a casual chic look.

2. Pair with a fitted long sleeve or a simple fitted short sleeve tee. Whether a basic neutral or your favorite stripe. Grab looks chucks and a side body bag it is perfect for a casual day in the city.

3. You can still add a sweater. I know that I said you don’t want to much bulk on top but with a more fitted turtleneck or sweater top that you are able to tuck into your skirt is perfectly fine.

4. Add your favorite jacket. Like I have done today I have added my favorite fitted leather jacket on top to give a cool girl look. Again key is fitted and not oversized. You can also pair with a fun fitted jean jacket or your favorite military jacket which is perfect for Spring.

5. Chang up your belt. As most of these paper bag styles come with a self fabric belt sometimes that can be to much of the same fabric. So it’s perfectly ok to change up the look with your favorite sleek belt to give a little pizazz. Go for that fun leather belt or leopard printed belt, whatever your fancy.

Any convincing to try out this flattering silhouette? If it’s not the skirt version you like you can also do the same styling tips and tricks with the pant version. The Paper bag skirt is a great silhouette to transition into Spring and I can’t wait to style this skirt many different ways over the next few months.

Thanks for following along or just reading along

Jcrew  Chambray top – (love & love)

Jcrew Skirt – (love & lovelove)

Nordstrom Leather Jacket

Nine West pumps – old (love & love)

Ann Taylor earrings – old (love & love)

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