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A couple of weeks ago I took a few days off from work just because and decided that instead of just making it a staycation at home, I told Mark let’s go away for a quick little trip to enjoy the time off. We had been throwing ideas from Chicago, Charleston, and even possibly Mexico. We both really wanted to visit somewhere we hadn’t been before or haven’t been together. We narrowed down to keeping it on the East Coast since we knew it was going to be a short trip and wanted to enjoy our little time as much as possible. The East Coast in the Fall especially once you head out of the city is so beautiful with the trees all different colors of oranges and reds its stunning. Since we have visited most of our East Coast states we thought we would go a little far North and landed on Maine. I have heard so many wonderful things about Maine and how lovely it is and I had never been (Mark went as a child for a family trip but since he is a adult now this was all new for him too). Kew the research and lists of things to do and see LOL.

Finally our weekend away was upon us and we were off super early in the morning to avoid all the city traffic and to make the most of our short trip (we only stayed for two nights). The drive up outside of the highway views was so beautiful once we started to hit more of the suburban/wooded areas, all the beautiful colors and cute colorful homes I knew this was going to be a fun weekend and the weather was simply remarkable. I literally had packed for heavy sweater weather lol, thankfully us girls pack for the long haul and bring it all no matter if its just a overnight trip or a two week trip. Am I right?

Our first stop before we got to Portland was to stop at the beautiful Cape Elizabeth lighthouse. These views were simply amazing I could have stood on these rocks and stared out into the ocean forever (I think the wind did if for me that I was ok to leave lol). This little place of the beaten path was amazing to see and so happy that we didn’t rush to town and got to see this little piece of heaven by the ocean. After walking around the rocks and enjoying the beautiful ocean views we made our way to another lighthouse (Portland Headlight) unfortunately there was a walk and we were not able to stop and get out. Next visit we will definitely make sure to make this our first stop since it is such a gorgeous place to see. The Portland Headlight was not far from our hotel but to be honest we were so hungry we hadn’t eaten since we had left, we looked up some good breakfast places before we had left and Dutch’s was on our way to our hotel. We had read some great reviews and new we had to stop in and enjoy the great food (please see below for link and some more details). Since our hotel was not ready to check in we decided to explore the city before we checked in and to finally get to put our feet up before we went out for dinner.


This is the Old Port just along the water and was super cute to walk through.


Finally after some rest and a amazing dinner (read below) we were finally refreshed and ready for a new day thankfully with no driving LOL. Of course no breakfast can start without a mimosa in hand right (especially on vacation)? Since we are not familiar again with the area, we of course used our list to figure out where to eat breakfast. I really wanted to eat at places that are visited by the locals since you know these hot spots are usually going to amazing. We stumbled upon The Front Room (after our first destination was closed due to water leak lol), I am actually so happy that we came to The Front Room (read more below)

Once we literally ordered everything on the menu we of course needed to walk off the fullness and this place was a little off the beaten path. So it was a nice walk back to downtown but I loved it because I got to see the neighborhood and it was simply so cute. I wanted to move into every house we saw along the way back.

After a long walk around the neighborhood we had on our bucket list to visit a brewery while we were touring the town. I love a great Allagash beer but unfortunately this weekend was the only weekend it was closed all year lol (really I am not lying) but this didn’t halter our plans to visit a brewery. Luckily there was another on our way back to town called Shipyard Brewing Company. We were able to choose to taste from four different beers (my favorite was a grapefruit flavor it was so delicious). It was a nice stop along the way to try another town favorite. The staff was so helpful and friendly which made the experience so much more fun.  Now that my heart was content with extensive amount of food and drinks, it was time to relax and get ready for a dinner.

Now my top bucket list try was to finally eat a full lobster, this would be my first time and why not try in Maine. They are known for their fishing and great seafood so this was a no brainer. We again wanted a fun local favorite and decided instead of a fancy dinner we wanted something more low key. We headed out to the The Portland Lobster Company for a late lunch early dinner. We absolutely loved it from the atmosphere to the people, we had so much fun. There was a live band playing and they were really rocking it out and made it that much more enjoyable. The food can I tell you was so delicious (I have linked the exact restaurant below. The lobster experience was a first and was so much fun, me and Mark were laughing the whole time trying to figure how to eat this thing correctly and knowing us we probably missed half of it lol. It was such a great way to end the trip and totally recommend visiting.

You can read more of my recaps below.


On our way home we decided to stop in the cute little town of Kennebunkport, it is actually where the Bush compound is right along the water. Since my husband loves all that stuff I figured we could make a quick trip of it to visit the town. I am so glad we did, they day was more overcast and chilly with a little mist in the air but that definitely didn’t take away from its beauty at all. This little town right along the water is just so precious I don’t even know how to describe it. Every little corner you came upon was another cute little colorful house of adorable town store. If we could have spent a night here I would definitely have and would recommend for anyone to visit. We didn’t stay to eat but there were plenty of restaurants that looked so good and the stores around town are the cutest things.

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Places to Stay

 From Bed & Breakfasts to your local hotel’s there are plenty of great locations to stay in and around the city. Since we wanted to be close to everything that Downtown Portland had to offer we decided to stay in town. Everything was in walking distance from our hotel which was great and just what we wanted. A few spots such as the breakfast places we visited and Brewery was off the beaten path and just a uber ride away but with a great pair of walking shoes they are very easily walkable too.


Hyatt Place Portland – Old Port

The Press Hotel

Portland Harbor Hotel

Bed & Breakfast

Pomegranate Inn

The Danforth Inn


Places to Eat

 Can I just say we ate our hearts out in Portland and I even had my first ever lobster, I mean like full lobster (what a feast) and can I say don’t try to eat a lobster outside in the dark with barely any lights lol. The food that we had while on our mini-vaca was simply amazing I can’t even describe in words from biscuit breakfast sandwiches, to pomegranate cinnamon mimosa’s to seared scallops. My belly was fully and happy at all times.


Holy Donut

This local hot spot is the place to be pretty much everyday of the week. Talk about Holy Donuts of yes, these donuts are actually made out of potatoes. Potato potatoe this things were amazingly delicious, from Glazed, to pomegranate to maple flavors the list of 20 flavors go above and beyond I wish I could have had them all. I would definitely recommend to go as early as possible to get them fresh out of the oven. We got the six pack and were not disappointed at all and we ate them all lol talk about a stomach ache for sure. Please read their story of how they came up with this amazing idea.

The Front Room

Our second breakfast location of the beaten path a little bit of a walk or a uber away which is quicker. This little coveted corner local is bringing on the breakfast front for sure. Pomegranate cinnamon mimosa and gravy biscuits, I mean they had me at hello. Definitely recommend the egg plate options and the pancakes so moist and soft my mouth was watering the whole time. Definitely don’t leave without trying the mimosa special of the day if they have it.


This was our first spot into Portland after the lighthouse we visited and can I just say old 50’s charm. This place is just simply adorable from its old school vibe to wall décor. This is another local hotspot that is so delicious. Pick from the bevy of breakfast sandwiches which I would recommend and either have it on a biscuit, roll or croissant your heart will be content. No breakfast is complete without something sweet we go the homemade maple donuts and of course blueberry pancakes to top it off. My gosh how moist and amazing these two things were, I could have eaten Mark’s if he let me.

Becky’s Diner


Portland Lobster Company

We visited this local spot on our final day for a late lunch and early dinner. Delicious and fun is how I would describe it. A very low key spot where you order at the bar and pickup at the kitchen window the fru fru is out the window and its all about having a great beer and having that whole lobster and getting your hands dirty while listening to some great live local tunes.

Local Sprouts Cooperative



Street & Co.

We visited this local hotspot for our First nights dinner and can I say AMAZING, I don’t even know how I can describe it. From their homemade butter to their seared scallops which was Mark’s meal but I was literally eating more of his dish then mine. This food was above and beyond what I have had for seafood the dishes were amazing so fresh and flavorful I was literally licking my plate for every last bite.

Central Provisions

Eventide Oyster Co


Places to Discover & Shopping

There is so many wonderful places to visit and if you are visiting for short time I definitely recommend some of these wonderful spots. There is also so much local shopping to have as well, all the small businesses were just so amazing. From the clothes the little nick nack stores which I love, it gave you that real home town feel.

Shipyard Brewing Company

Allagash Brewery

Congress Street

Old Port

 Commercial Street

Portland Head Light

Cape Elizabeth

 Kennebunkport Downtown

First Look

BlankNYC Suede Jacket-Nordstrom (love & lovelove)

Ann Taylor Top (love & love & love)

Asos white denim skirt-sold out (here & here)

Zara OTK boots-last season (love & love)

Second Look

BlankNYC Leather jacket-Nordstrom (love & love)

Express Sweater-sold out (here & here)

Zara skirt-last season (love & love)

Floppy Hat-old (here & here)

We had so much fun on our little weekend adventure and definitely recommend visiting Maine. It is such a beautiful place it will definitely not disappoint at all.

Hope this travel guide is helpful and I have listed additional spots to check out and visit

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