Oia Day Trip

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Santorini is filled with many little adorable towns and Oia which was a recommended excursion before we came to Greece. We knew that we had to make a day trip and visit this beautiful town while in Santorini. After getting a marvelous nights sleep in our suite and being extra well rested we knew that Oia would be our next adventure.

Before we left for the day my husband and myself wrestled on the idea of possibly driving a moped to Oia. Which from our hotel is about a 20-25 minute ride (depending on the mode of transportation). Since we are not very experienced driving mopeds which is one of the main vehicle used to get around the island. (Call us wimps or maybe just me but I couldn’t get over the scared factor of 1. Not being experienced driving a moped or 2. Not knowing how everyone else would drive or the streets). So instead we asked our lovely hotel staff how to get to Oia without having to pay for a taxi ride. They advised that there was a bus stop right around the corner from our hotel and was the easiest way to get to Oia – Hello SOLD. It was super easy and the lovely gentleman on-board yelled out every time there was a main stop, so we for sure did not miss our stop. Even though it was the final one LOL.

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I can say I literally leaped off the bus with excitement, probably even pushing the bus patrons to get off I was so excited. I had heard so many lovely things about this place I didn’t want to waste a minute. (The bus was great it literally came every 30 mins and for only 1,30 euro each it was a steal I couldn’t pass up).

As soon as we got off the bus we went the opposite way as everyone else that came off the bus. We went pretty early to visit Oia which was perfect because then there were not as many tourists throughout the streets just yet. So you were able to see the beauty in such a peaceful way. Can I say what a beautiful place it was. The streets were lined with beautiful florals stretched across every wall with colorful doors along every path. There wasn’t a corner that wasn’t untouched by just beautiful touches.

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Since we had started to become very familiar with the local weather of Greece, I knew that we would be out in the sun for a very long time while exploring. Listen I am definitely not complaining especially with these views. The perfect dress was in the horizon and ready to be worn for our explorations. This N Nicholas striped off the shoulder beauty was the perfect piece to strut around the beautiful streets of Oia. With its light airiness it kept me nice and cool all day long, the best part it had pockets WIN WIN for this lady. I did also love how extremely well I blended in with the scenery throughout the day.

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While walking around the town we noticed a old portion of a structure that I can imagine had been around for a very long. It was so beautiful to see such history still so intact. We did take a moment a took in the scenery while of course giving a little twirl in the meantime.

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Of course a girl must eat as well and did we eat. I ate my way through one of Greece’s traditional meals called Moussaka. Can I say oh my gosh what a meal and how delicious this dish was I ate every bit of that bowl. This traditional dish is a eggplant baked dish with ground beef some extras included cheese and baked bread inside the baked dish. This was just heaven in a bowl and I totally recommend this dish if you visit Greece. Just simply delicious.

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Oia was unbelievably beautiful which was so hard to leave I could walk around these streets all day. It just made me fall in love with Greece that much more. From the views, beautiful scenery and eating our way through town with Moussaka, gelato and of course some Bklava. Oia was all I have heard about and so much more. This is a definite bucket list if you haven’t written it down yet.

Dress: N Nicholas  (also love & love & love)

Shoes: Aldo-old (love these options here & here)

Hope everyone has a lovely day

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