Mara Hoffman in Mykonos


Our first day to Mykonos was of course just mind blowing and run on a lot of adrenaline and coffee. So after a good nights rest it was time to explore more of this beautiful island. Our concierge at our hotel asked that day “Aren’t you going to just relax?” with only a few short days there was no relaxing lol. The island was relaxing enough because there is no rush at all which is wonderful. The time of year we went (late May/early June) the beginning of tourist season had not hit yet so it was very manageable to walk around and it was not crowded at all.

 In the morning we decided to skip our free hotel brunch and enjoy the island cuisine. We had breakfast right along the water at a lovely organic restaurant Nice & Easy and oh was it. I had the French toast which just melted my heart with every bite just simply delicious and perfect to fuel me for the day (or until we found a great bakery and I couldn’t resist the sweets lol.)


This day we literally got lost so many times walking around but we just went with the day and laughed and enjoyed our time. I also found some beautiful little clothing shops so I definitely didn’t mind getting lost a few times (the hubby was very nice about it).

These were a few of my favorite shutters we would walk by everyday going into the city. I could not get enough of them everyday walking by, I literally wanted to knock on this persons door and ask if I could take them with me.


In our walks around we found a cute little sitting area that we snacked on some tasty treats we bought at one of the local bakeries. Of course it was the perfect location for a photo op.

I had been planning my packing for quite some time before my trip and planned out my outfits pretty specifically for each location. When I stumbled upon this beautiful Mara Hoffman cut out dress, I knew this would be perfect for Mykonos. This dress was meant for Mykonos it was simply just beautiful and even in the heat was perfect. The beautiful pastel colors were just so beautiful as you can tell I had a lot of fun twirling around all day. I especially can’t get enough of the cutout details and of course pockets (it was nice not to have a bag to carry lol). This dress was so perfect for a day of walking around.





The blue doors never end and I am not sad about that. They line every street just bringing out beautiful pops of color at every corner.







We decided to venture to the other part of the island which most I think don’t realize since Little Venice is the main attraction. I loved this area it had so many restaurants which we did have lunch and was able to see the cute little colorful boats along the docks. It was so funny because it took us a bit to figure out how to get to this part of the island. I swear the best parts of vacation or just getting lost in the adventure.








Dress: Mara Hoffman (love & love) – Sunnies: Anthropologie (love)

Sandals: Steve Madden-sold out (here & here)

Happy Monday everyone and hey if needed grab that extra cup of coffee.

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